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Film, TV and Animation: Books/Films

Useful links, resources and research assistance for all programmes involving Film, TV Production or Animation at IADT


Borrowing DVDs/Blue-Rays from the library

Film and Media students might also find it useful to know that there is a selection of DVD and Blue-ray films and TV shows available to borrow overnight from the library. DVDs are organized by genre and are located on Level 1.

How to search the library catalogue

Use the library catalogue search function (link below) to search for specific books on your reading list or do a keyword or subject search on a particular topic to find additional resources.

When you search the catalogue, you will see what is known as the "Call Number" listed. Use this number to locate the book in the library. The Call Number corresponds to the shelf that the book sits on. The letters you see after the shelf numbers indicate the first letters of the author's surname. 

Locating Books in the Library

Books can be found on Level 2 of the library. All books are organized by subject matter using the Dewy Decimal Classification system which links to a shelf number. The shelf number is the most important starting point for finding the book you require and can be found along the spine of the books on that shelf. 

Below are the Dewey (shelf) numbers that are most relevant for Film, TV and Animation:

600 Technology

700  Arts

740  Drawing and Decorative Arts

750  Painting

760  Graphic Arts

770  Photography and Computer Art

780  Music

790  Film Criticism, Film and TV Production, Acting, Theater, Game Design

Popular books for Film and Television Production

Popular books for Animation