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Referencing: Print, Online & Media Resources: Plays

APA Style

References. Director, Initial(s) (Director). (Year, Month Day). Title of the performance. By Author of the Play. Place: Name of the Theatre.


  • Comyn, A. (Director). (2015, October 6). Dancing at Lughnasa. By Brian Friel. Dublin: Gaiety Theatre

Use the director’s name when referring to the performance in the body of the text.


  • The performance (Comyn, 2015) celebrates the 25th anniversary of the play.

Source: DCU

Harvard Style

Reference: Title of performance (Year performed) by playwright. Directed by Forename Surname [Venue, City of performance. Date of performance.]


  • Twelfth Night  (2013) by Filter.  Directed by Sean Holmes. [Cast Theatre, Doncaster. 18 October].

In-text citation:

  • (Title, date)


  • The Shakespearean stage has not seen such a raucous adaptation since the Sixteenth Century (Twelfth Night, 2013).

Source: Doncaster College

MLA Style

Reference: Author Last name, First name. Title. Publisher, Year of Publication. 

Example: Shakespeare, William, and Ann Thompson. The Taming of the Shrew. Cambridge University Press,1984.


  • (Author Last name Page no)
  • (Page no)


  • In this section of the play gender is addressed (Shakespeare and Thompson 80)….
  • Shakespeare has portrayed (80)….

Note: In the full reference/Works Cited section, list the author's name as it appears in the work, i.e. last name and full first name or last name and initials.

Source: UCD Library

MHRA Style

There are two styles of MHRA referencing - footnotes and bibliography style and author-date style. Please check with your lecturer/tutor which one you must use.

For information on both types of styles please see information here from the Univeristy of St. Andrews, and here from the MHRA style guide online.