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COVID-19 Off-Campus Information Resources: Introduction

This guide lets you know the databases and resources available to you, both those provided by the library, and those provided for free by publishers.

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Welcome to IADTs guide to off-campus resources during the CoViD-19 closure. The physical library is closed until the 29th of March but we have a wide range of resources that can be accessed off-campus.

There are online resources that the library provides on a permanent basis. 

Some publishers have increased the number of users that can access their resources at any one time,  and/or have widened the range of resources they have made available to users for the duration of the situation.

There are many tools, such as Adobe Creative Suite, that have been made available for use during this time.

Please use the tabs above to find out how to access the different types of online resources. 

Some resources are unavailable while the campus is closed. Borrowing and returning of physical collections is not possible while the campus is closed. Library users can renew items already on loan by logging in to their library account here.

Access to the undergraduate thesis collection can only be accessed via a specific PC in the library and therefore is unavailable throughout the closure.