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Materials Library project : Introduction

What is a Materials Library

Digital / Cataloguing Architecture - LIBRARY

Each sample of material will have a corresponding Catalogue record.  

Each Catalogue record will contain information on the material that will cover for example:

Description of the material, colour, density, thickness.

Composition : e.g. The woolfibres for this woolfelt are a blend of Australian and South-America merinowool, and processed into felt in Europe 

Qualities: e.g.  Wool has a natural repellency for dirt and dust, stains can be removed gently with cold water or by dry cleaning. The shrinkage after dry clean for 3 mm is -1% in length and 0% in width

Uses: Felt with the thickness of 3 mm can be used for bags, interiorproducts and wallcovering.

Links to Material Data Sheets : Technical Data Sheets, Safety Data Sheets  


Physical amenity - Getting hands on with materials

IADT’s Material Library allows our community to get hands-on with materials via the sample boxes. Materiality is a significant component of practice for many members of our creative academic community and the Materials Library supports them to explore, investigate and discover a wide range of materials.  

Housed in the Library as a reference collection, the Materials Library is purposefully accessible to the full IADT community, and individual boxes can be loaned to lecturers as a way of supporting them in-studio.

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