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Creating Permanent Links to Library Material: Introduction

This guide shows how to create permanent links to IADT library resources

What and Why?

What are permalinks?

Permalinks, short for permanent links, are links that link permanently to the item in question, are are not dependent upon an individual login. If you log in to your Library account and then search and find an item, the link in the browser address bar will be unique to you, and will not work if you copy and paste it to anyone else. If someone clicked the link you sent them from your address bar, they will get an error and won't be able to see the item. 


Why use permalinks?

Sharing PDFs with your students of full books or articles could be in breach of copyright. The best practice is to create a link to Library material and allow the students to access it themselves. They will be verified as a student along the way and thus you are ensuring they and you are complying with copyright laws.

Permalinks allow you to share a working link to Library material. This link is not dependent upon your individual login or the specific search you carried out to find that item. By creating permalinks, you allow whoever clicks on it to view the material, saving the receiver of the link from frustration and errors. 

Library 101: Everything you need to get started with the Library

This link will bring you to our Library 101 guide, which walks you through how to find and use everything we have in the Library. If you need further help you can always email us at or use the Live Chat function on our website

Library 101


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