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Copyright: Copyright for Researchers

This guide will provide information on copyright for students, staff and researchers

Why should researchers know about copyright?

As a researcher, it is important that you understand copyright and how it affects your research impact.  When you publish, depending on the publisher's policy,  you may have to sign the copyright over to the publisher. This will affect whether you can copy the work,  for students for example, or whether you can deposit in an open access repository.

In your own research you must adhere to good copyright practice.

Publishing in an academic journal and copyright

Upon publication, depending on the policy of your publisher, you may have to sign the copyright over to them. This affects where you can deposit your work and how it is made available. All researchers need to adhere to good copyright practice and standards.

Copyright for researchers

An overview of copyright  and how it relates to academic research

Transfer of publication rights

What rights you transfer to the publisher will be agreed by the contract you make with them. The publisher will usually specify what rights are being transferred from the author. The transfer will usually allow you to retain some rights for redistribution of your work, including in some instances making it available in Open Access or by uploading it into a repository. Make sure to check to see what each individual publisher agreement allows before you agree to it.