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Library 101: Everything you need to get started with the Library: About the Library


Welcome to our guide to getting started with using IADT Library! We know that using the Library can be a daunting prospect, so we've tried to break down how to use the Library in to different smaller areas you may need help with. You can navigate to the section you need help with, and don't have to be overwhelmed with too much information all at once. Just take the bit that you need at the moment, and you can come back to another section later if you need to.

If you need further help with anything, please get in touch with Library staff, as we're always here to help. You can use our live chat function (anonymously, if you want) that's available on our website, or you can email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. There's no problem too small, so don't hesitate to contact us.

What do we have in the Library?

What do we have in the Library?

The Library is not just a place for books! Alongside our print books, we also have a huge amount of other material, such as:

  • Online academic journals
  • eBooks
  • Streaming & DVDs
  • Online theses
  • Print academic journals
  • Magazines
  • LinkedIn Learning courses

We also have amenities in the physical Library space, such as:

  • Sofas & armchairs
  • Group study areas
  • Laptop loans (Windows & Mac) fully equipped with specialised software
  • iMac spaces
  • Windows PC spaces
  • Collaborative working space (including whiteboards)
  • Quiet study areas
  • Individual desks to work at
  • Self-checkout & return kiosks
  • A printer/scanner

Why use the Library?

Why use the Library?

The Library is one of the key players in your college experience which has an active role in helping you complete your degree. The Library provides you with the information you need to complete your assignments, as well as helping you develop skills to be able to navigate the different sources of information you are presented with during your college career. 

We can help you with your assignments. Please come and talk to us if you have an essay (or similar piece of work) due and don't know where to start or how to write it. We can advise you on how to go about completing your assignment. 

It is important to use the material in the library so that you are searching the appropriate type of sources for your assignments. This means academic journals and academic books, and appropriate official sources like government reports. Searching Google will bring up many thousands of results, few of which would be appropriate to use in an academic piece of writing such as your assignments. 

To ensure that you can actually access the items you find and that they are of appropriate academic quality, we advise searching the library's collections of journal articles and books rather than Googling your topic. These collections have been quality-checked and approved for academic use. 

The tabs above will show you how to find this appropriate material in the Library.

Understanding your reading list

If you've been given a reading list but don't know where to start understanding what's on it or where to find the things on it, watch the below video to help you understand it:

Library 101

"click here to access a video playlist with all our videos to help you use the library"

Get in touch!

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Phone: +353 1 239 4637

Drop in: Atrium Building Floors 1 & 2