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Library 101: Everything you need to get started with the Library: Your Library Account

Your Library Account

Your Library account is where you can renew items, see what items you have checked out, and see your borrowing history and your search history. You can log in to your Library account through our website.

To log into your account, go to the Library website, and click the orange "My Account" button on the top right-hand side of the screen. For more information on logging in, please see the next tab "Logging In" .

screenshot of library website homepage showing the orange account login button

Your borrowing history

To see what items you have previously borrowed, as well as what searches you have previously done, log in to your account, click your name on the top right-hand side, and click "Your Account". Scroll down, and on the bottom left you'll see options labelled "your search history" and "your checkout history". 

By clicking on "your checkout history" you will be able to see all the items you have taken out in the past, should you need to consult them again. 

By clicking on "your search history" you can see all the searches you did in the past, which is helpful if you need to remember how to locate something you found before. 

screenshot of library account menu

Returns Box

If the Library is closed, you can return books using the orange drop box we have placed outside the main Library entrance. Just drop your books in the box and we will check them in for you.

orange box for library books returns

Renewing items

You Library account is where you go to renew items that you have checked out.

How to renew:

  1. Log in to your Library account
  2. Click your name on the top right-hand side 
  3. Click "Your Account"
  4. Tick the box of the item(s) you want to renew
  5. Click "renew"

Some items may not be able to be renewed, and reasons for this include:

  • The item has already been renewed the maximum number of times, which is 4. If the item has already been renewed 4 times, it won't be possible to do so again. To borrow the item again, you will need to bring it in to the Library, check it in, and then borrow it again. Once you do this you will be able to renew it online 4 times once more. 
  • It's too far from the due date for the item to be renewed yet. Items can only be renewed 2 days before their due date. 

screenshot of books checked out with renewals options next to them

Manage your account and renew using the self-service kiosk

The Library has a self-service kiosk on level 1 at which you can borrow, return, and renew your items, as well as view what items are on your Library account.

To learn how to use the kiosk, please click here.