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Library 101: Everything you need to get started with the Library: Searching the Library

This page will tell you how to do a general Library search.

General Library Search

You can search the library generally by using the white search bar in the centre of the screen. The below video will walk you through how to do that, including how to narrow down the results to include, for example, only journal articles, and not books or magazines. 

If you want more specific ways of searching, including more detail on searching specific item types, you can see the relevant tabs - Books & DVDs, Journal Articles, or eBooks.

If you ever need help searching the Library and finding what you're looking for, please do not hesitate to talk to us or contact us. We can help you find things, and meet with you (virtually or in person) and go through how to use the Library.

The above video will walk you through how to use the general search in the Library, called "Discovery".

Content timestamps:

  • 00:00 Introduction.
  • 00:40 Finding the Library website.
  • 00:56 Starting your search.
  • 01:28 Logging in .
  • 01:43 Results list, using limiters/filters.
  • 02:15 Finding just journal articles (or any specific item type).
  • 02:46 How to know what item type you're seeing in the results list - journal article, eBook, print book.
  • 04:01 Book reviews as opposed to the full book.
  • 04:13 Searching specifically by item type (instead of doing a general search), e.g. searching the eBooks website directly.
  • 04:35 Location of specific search videos on Library 101 guide.
  • 04:47 Information about one-to-one support, contact information.

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