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Referencing: Print, Online & Media Resources: Podcasts

APA Style

Reference: Writer/Speaker/Producer/Creator Last name, Initial(s). (role). (Year, Month Day). Title of podcast. [Type of podcast]. Retrieved from url

Example: Moran, A. (Speaker). (2013, March 23). Prof. Aidan Moran – boredom. [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from


  • Writer/Speaker/Producer/Creator Last name (Year)
  • (Writer/Speaker/Producer/Creator Last name, Year)


  • UCD's Professor Aidan Moran (2013) explains the processes of boredom...
  • A detailed explanation of the cognitive processes involved in become bored are explained in this podcast (Moran, 2013).

Source: UCD Library

Harvard Style

Reference: Author/Presenter Last name, Initial(s). (Year site published/updated) Title of podcast. [Podcast]. Day Month Year of podcast posted. Available at: URL [Accessed Day Month Year].

Example: Reddy, M. (2013) Hibernian hardboiled: race & gender in contemporary Irish crime fiction. [Podcast]. 24 November 2013. Available at: [Accessed 31 January 2014].


  • Author’s/Presenter’s Last name (year)
  • (Author’s/Presenter’s Last name, year)


  • Reddy (2013) outlines how Irish crime fiction…..
  • It has been argued Irish Crime fiction has strong gender typing (Reddy, 2013).

Source : UCD Library

MLA Style


Last name, First name of the creator. “Title of podcast.” Title of the website, role of contributors and their First name Last name, Version, Numbers, Publisher, Publication date, URL.


“Best of Not My Job Musicians.” Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! from NPR, 4 June 2016,

 In-Text Citation:

      (Author/ or Title)


      ("Best of Not")

Source: Utica College

MHRA Style

There are two styles of MHRA referencing - footnotes and bibliography style and author-date style. Please check with your lecturer/tutor which one you must use.

For information on both types of styles please see information here from the Univeristy of St. Andrews, and here from the MHRA style guide online.